Tomatoes are everyone’s favorite summer vegetable. No wonder that the tomato, originally from Central and South America, is the most commonly cultivated vegetable in the world today in terms of cultivation area. This member of the solanum family is available in a wide variety of growth forms such as bush, hanging or stake tomatoes. There are also numerous fruit types and colors. According to estimates, there are over 10,000 tomato varieties in total.

The Sativa tomato range includes classic and more unusual varieties. Small-fruited varieties or those with good resistance to late blight (robust field tomatoes) are more suitable for growing outdoors. Varieties especially suitable for greenhouse cultivation are grouped together in a special category.

Tomatoes love light and warmth and can be grown under the shelter of a greenhouse or on a south-facing window sill from the end of February on. Only lightly cover the seeds with soil, cover the pre-cultivation container with foil or a transparent lid and keep it moist at all times. Once at least the two cotyledons are fully developed, the plants should be transplanted. Be sure to plant it deep enough, i.e. up to the cotyledons, so that the roots develop well. Train the tomatoes up a pole or string and regularly remove side shoots. Some form of rain cover is most efficient way of protecting tomatoes against diseases, especially late blight. Regularly remove and dispose of old and diseased leaves. In sheltered cultivation, sufficient ventilation should also be ensured. Tomatoes can be grown in the same place for several years in a row. Before planting, remove the bottom one or two leaves to protect against diseases. Then water adequately.

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