The prices on the product page include VAT taxable in Germany. In addition to the prices stated, processing and shipping costs apply. These are calculated as follows:

Shipping for each parcel up to 27kg gross weight order (including VAT):

Austria 11.19€
Belgium 10.49€
Bulgaria 17.88€
Croatia 12.32€
Czech Republic 12.21€
Denmark 13.63€
Estonia 18.18€
Finland 16.99€
France (mainland): 1 kg: 8.33€; 1 kg-27kg: 9.97€
Germany 5.40€
Greece 16.84€
Hungary 18.92€
Ireland 14.90€
Italy 10.89€
Latvia 18.03€
Lithuania 18.03€
Luxemburg 10.20€
Netherlands (mainland) 10.79€
Poland 11.77€
Portugal (mainland) 15.79€
Romania 16.24€
Slovakia 13.08€
Slovenia 11.94€
Spain (mainland) 16.39€
Sweden 18.63€

The weight of the order and the resulting processing and shipping costs are displayed during checkout from the shop. Should the automated system miscalculate the weight, we reserve the right to adjust the processing and shipping costs.

For delivery to the following countries please visit the individual shop via the country selection in the top right corner: Switzerland (and Liechtenstein)
  • Great Britain (UK): Due to Brexit, regulations for shipping to the UK have become much more difficult. Therefore, we unfortunately can no longer deliver to the UK.