Spinach is a no-fuss leafy green that provides fresh greenery to the kitchen all year round. Like other members of the goosefoot family, it is rarely attacked by pests and diseases. Spinach grows quickly and is well suited as a gap filler, pre-crop or succession crop and as edible green manure. Thanks to hardy varieties, it can also be harvested in the cold season.

Loose and moist soil is important for germination. Spinach can also be grown in balcony pots without any problems. However, it often gets too hot for spinach on balconies during the summer. Spinach also grows in partial shade. The soil should never dry out and it should be protected from weeds. To protect it against birds, it is worth covering the seed with fleece or sowing in a polytunnel. Do not fertilize spinach too much to avoid nitrate accumulation. Do not sow too densely to harvest whole rosettes.

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