Melons are simply the ideal summer fruit. They are refreshingly sweet, low in calories and, with a water content of 95%, a real thirst quencher. The squash variety, which is actually not a fruit but a vegetable, is divided into two groups: Watermelons (Citrullus lanatus) and true melons (Cucumis melo), which include the well-known honeydew melon. More closely related to cucumbers than watermelons, true melons have a far greater range of varieties. However, only a few varieties are suitable for cultivation north of the Alps.

Usually only protected cultivation yields results. Do not water too much, otherwise too much leaf mass will form. Best yield with a maximum of 5 fruits per plant. The female flowers, from which the fruits develop, are located on the side shoots. In soil culture, cut off the main shoot after the 4th leaf and place boards under the fruits to prevent rot. If the fruit cracks at the base of the stem, the fruit is ripe.

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