Kohlrabi is a vegetable belonging to the cruciferous family of plants that is prized all year round, especially in German-speaking countries. The tender flesh with a mild taste can be used in many ways and tastes good raw, cooked or pickled, depending on your preference.

Sativa is very involved in kohlrabi breeding and is working hard to stem the disappearance of traditionally bred varieties. When selecting new kohlrabi varieties, our focus is on fast-growing, slightly flattened tubers that are ideally light green with upright foliage and tender flesh. Our breeding has resulted in the two Sativa varieties ENRICO and DARIO, as well as the spherical variety BOCCIA (only available in the shop).

Blue varieties have a much stronger taste than white ones. They taste best and should be harvested when the bulbs have reached the size of a tennis ball. The autumn varieties, which result in larger bulbs, are also suitable for storage. These should be give more space to grow. Incidentally, the tender, young kohlrabi leaves contain a lot of vitamin C and can be prepared like any other leafy vegetable.

Overall easy to cultivate. Make sure seedlings get enough light and warmth. The planting density should be 10-12 plants per m². Encourage rapid growth in pre-cultivation. Fertilize the soil adequately, as kohlrabi has a medium nitrate demand. After the bulb has formed, control watering to avoid bursting. Crop rotation is advised to avoid clubroot. To protect against numerous pests, it is advisable to cover the culture thoroughly with a fine-meshed net throughout the cultivation period.

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