Aubergines (Eggplants)

Originally from subtropical Asia, aubergines are members of the solanum family, like potatoes and tomatoes. This fruiting vegetable has only become popular in German-speaking countries in the last few decades. Here mainly dark, oval and elongated aubergines predominate but there are many other varieties, especially in Asia, which are part white, green-orange or purple and white striped with particularly long or spherical shapes. Due to their high content of bitter substances and solanines, aubergines should never be eaten raw.

The early varieties MERONDA and MELONGA come from our own breeding program at Sativa.

Sowing in pots in winter is recommended, due to slow germination and long growth time. Prick out once the first true leaves have appeared. Cultivation in a greenhouse has a beneficial effect on the growth and fruiting of this heat-loving plant. Alternatively, in milder locations, a sunny outdoor site sheltered from the wind is also suitable. Mulch for moisture regulation. Heat build-up will encourage pests. Grow at least four plants of the same species for good fruit crop. Use sticks or twine as plant support.

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