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In the 19th century there was still an abundance of different varieties in old cottage gardens, be it crop or ornamental plants. Crops almost forgotten today were grown in them which fed the family and their staff and provided variety on the plate. Today, more and more people are growing old varieties again, and it’s good fun to see and taste the colorful diversity in your garden and on your plate.

ProSpecieRara is committed to old, culturally and historically significant plants and animals and makes a valuable contribution to the conservation work of old varieties and breeds. The foundation’s seal of approval supports the marketing of delicacies and provides guidance for consumers. It currently certifies 26 breeds of livestock, around 1,000 garden and arable plants, as well as 1,800 types of fruit and many other ornamental plants.

At Sativa you can buy around 140 types of robust pure-line seeds from rare varieties - niche varieties that cannot be found in mass outlets - regional crops, from colorful aubergines to high-yielding bean varieties, the now rare cardoon, robust outdoor lettuce, cucumbers, which can be used as gherkins, mustard cucumbers and salad cucumbers, to colorful carrots and delicate flowers. The seeds are propagated organically and responsibly in conservation breeding, for example at the Rheinau site, maintaining the varieties’ health and purity.

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